Central Kitchen & Corporate Office Ground Floor...

Guidelines For Hygiene

  • Staff should maintain basic standards of personal hygiene.
  • Staff should be in proper uniforms and wearing caps if they are working in the kitchen.
  • Uniforms clean, laundered and correctly worn when leaving the unit they must be removed.
  • Wherever possible tools or gloves used for portioning of food in order to minimize direct food contact. Gloves must be frequently changed and any tools cleanse and sanitized between uses.
  • Staffs with skin trouble, nose or throat problems, stomach or bowel trouble and infected wounds are not allowed to attend cafeteria serving.
  • Wear clean uniforms and always use hair coverings.
  • Wash hands thoroughly before handling food after using toilet after every break.
  • Keep finger nails and hair short.
  • Hand washing sinks maintained properly with paper towel and soap refilled on regular basis.
  • Use enclosed shoes for hygiene and safety
  • Hair nets provided and correctly worn by all staff
  • Do not use large items of jewels including wrist watches.
  • Cuts / injuries protected by water proof dressing.
  • All food items kept properly covered to avoid any contamination i.e. foreign particles. Non Veg. falling in Veg. etc.
  • Filtered water should be used for making juices, lassi, chaas, chutney's etc.
  • Do not smoke or spit in the kitchen or food stores.
  • All food in – process of cooking or cooker should be kept covered.


  • Ensure sufficient availability of lunch, snacks & dinner at cafeteria.
  • Ensure timely arrival of snacks, lunch, evening snacks and dinner at cafeteria.

Nutritional Value

  • Frozen vegetables should be thawed properly before use
  • Water in which vegetables are boiled should not be thrown away
  • Vanaspati should not be used in food preparation
  • Food color should not be used
  • Food of approved brands should be used to avoid the risk of adulteration

Distribution Of Meals

  • Raw Fruit washed
  • Suitable presentation (No piling of plates)
  • Filmed cold dishes
  • No bare hand manipulation
  • Suitable temperature for the distribution of warm dishes

Food Storage

  • No food stored on the floor
  • Proper tidying up – cleaning products set apart
  • No damaged packaging
  • Neither outdated products nor deteriorated products