Central Kitchen & Corporate Office Ground Floor...

Health & Safety Management System Premises

  • All Equipment is cleaned and replaced to its predetermined place after use
  • Spillages on floor especially oil liquid based will be wiped immediately to avoid accidents
  • The Kitchen floor is thoroughly cleaned and washed and moped with all corners every major meal preparation
  • The Kitchen is kept pest – free as far as possible. This can be achieved by installing & use of Fly – catchers
  • All platforms wiped with clean wash cloths after every major meal preparation & after each use
  • No unusual smell, No stagnant water
  • No animal, insects and rodents
  • Clean walls, ceiling and doors


  • All equipments like chopping boards, spoons, forks, plates etc is checked and damaged ones replaced.
  • All plates, spoons, utensils are thoroughly cleaned with hot water and wiped with clean cloth before re use.
  • Sinks kept clean and be scrubbed daily. Dust bin must be cleaned with hot water at least once a day.
  • Plates / trays or food containers is used while transporting food.
  • Touching any part of the body is avoided while handling food.

Raw Materials

  • Raw materials purchase is monitored by the Manager of Operations.
  • Vendors are shortlisted based on the evaluation of the Manager
  • Supply rates and quality are fixed after negotiation and the agreed rate list is forwarded to the central & onsite kitchen for record & verification.

Raw Materials Replinishment Policy

  • Perishable food – Daily
  • Non Perishable – Weekly